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andrew reynolds

The world famous skater Andrew Reynolds

Do you know Andrew Reynolds? If you know Tony Hawk video games, you should know that Andrew Reynolds is the most famous professional skateboarders in the world today. He had achieved so much in the duration of 20 years.


After 20 years of achievements in the field of skateboarding, Andrew Reynolds is now a renowned skateboarder. He appeared in Tony Hawk series of video games.

Andrew reynolds skate, active logo andrew reynoldsBorn in Lakeland Florida in 1978, Andrew Reynolds started skateboarding at an early age in the mid-1980′s. at an early age, it was already apparent that he was a very unique skateboarder. Today, with the height of 6″2″, he said that his height was the determining factor as to why he is excellent at skateboarding.


Everywhere you go, you can see kids skateboarding most of the time in groups. Millions do it in the United States. It has only been around since the late 1970′s but the kids have managed to come up with various tricks compared to other sports.

For example one of the most popular tricks is known as the Ollie. This is where the skateboarder slams the tail side of the board and moves his front foot towards the nose, creating a lift off of the ground. This move is less than 30 years old which shows how really new this sport is.


Because of his renowned tricks, Andrew Reynolds became a legend. The most celebrated one is the Front Side Flip.



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