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Mini Logo Complete Skateboard Review

MiniLogo Complete Skateboards are high quality decks and parts marked down in price for their lack of graphics. Most skateboards cost the prices they do partly because of the quality of the board, wheels, trucks and hardware, and partly because of which pro’s name and graphics are printed on the board or wheels. MiniLogo complete skateboards are minimalistic in appearance, but just as good in quality – which means you get a great skateboard for less money.

MiniLogo Completes Skateboards Review

Minilogo Completes come with all the following parts:

  • Minilogo Deck – available in 3 different shapes, from 7.375″ x 29.375″ to 31.625″ x 7.625″. All have Minilogo’s K12 concave, and come in Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Maroon, Olive and Grey.
  • MiniLogo Wheels – come in several colors and sizes
  • MiniLogo Bearings are “Skate Rated” to Skate One specifications. These 608 precision bearings were designed for skating. They have removable rubber and metal shields, a high speed molded ball retainer, precision ground and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls, and come pre-lubricated with Skate One Speed Cream.
  • MiniLogo Griptape
  • Tracker Trucks – a strong name in skateboard trucks
  • MiniLogo hardware

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MiniLogo Completes Skateboards – Disadvantages

MiniLogo Completes Skateboards Wheels


There are only two disadvantages to MiniLogo Completes Skateboards. The first is the lack of graphics – MiniLogo skateboard decks are basically blank. They come in a huge variety of colors, but no graphic other than the MiniLogo logo (thus the name). However, the flipside to having no graphics is the lower price of MiniLogo boards – companies charge extra for that cool picture and pro skaters name on the bottom of your skateboard. If you really miss having graphics, you can slap stickers on the bottom – which, honestly, you would have done anyway! Plus, when you consider that the bottom graphic of your skateboard will likely get scratched off anyway, getting a blank deck makes a lot of sense.The other disadvantage is related – though MiniLogo skateboard decks come in a huge variety of colors, you aren’t guaranteed you’ll get the color you want. You list your top three choices. If they don’t have the first one in stock, they move to the next color, and on down the line. Again, I don’t think this is a big deal, but for some of you out there this is important to know!

MiniLogo does make a Superlight deck, but the MiniLogo complete skateboards are only available with the regular MiniLogo decks.

MiniLogo Completes Skateboards – Advantages

And now for the advantages of MiniLogo Completes Skateboards. The first obvious advantage is the price of a Minilogo Complete Skateboard – MiniLogos are cheap! For a complete skateboard of roughly the same quality, you will pay $100 US to $120 US.But does that mean that MiniLogos are more cheaply made? Absolutely not – MiniLogo boards are made in Skate One’s manufacturing plant in California, using unique Air-Lam systems that produce strong boards with great pop. MiniLogo skateboard decks are literally the same as other high quality skate decks on the market, like Powell (they are all made together).

Plus, just in case this isn’t enough, MiniLogo Completes are guaranteed! If you bust your board doing tricks, well that’s one thing, but if the deck has any problems at all, it’s guaranteed! I personally like that a lot about MiniLogo – it makes me feel more confident with them, and it shows that the company believes in their product.

MiniLogo Completes Skateboards – The Final Word

MiniLogo Completes Skateboards


I highly recommend MiniLogo completes skateboards – I’ve ridden a MiniLogo deck for a year now, and I gotta say I love it. I also love the MiniLogo approach, of making blank decks and wheels that aren’t cheaply made, like most blank skateboard parts out there. MiniLogo wheels, boards and parts are well made, and you can rely on that with the MiniLogo guarantee. Blank boards and wheels might not be for everyone, and I understand that – MiniLogo isn’t for everyone. But if you are looking to save money and get a product that in performance is just as good as any other pro model skateboard, check out MiniLogo Completes.

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