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How to personalize your skateboard deck

Roby V. Pagong will help you to find the best way to personalize your skateboarding deck. Add something personal to be always unique.


Due to the growing popularity of skateboarding, more and more ideas are generated to make the sport more exciting and fitting for everyone. Majority of the skateboarders are males and are no doubt getting younger as well. But there are female skateboarders too that have penetrated the male dominated sport.

Although the participants can easily identify with the different skateboarders around, they would still want to have a certain degree of individuality. They want to be identified for their capacity and not as a copycat of someone they look up to.

This is probably the reason why a player wants to have something distinct, something that they can call their own. Few skateboarders were able to create their very own trick and had the privilege of naming them. And since not everyone gets this chance, others have found various ways to be identified.

If businesses have logos so that potential customers can easily familiarize them, so does skateboarding. Once you give your skateboard a logo of your choice, you give it a piece of you. And whoever sees you riding it will be able to associate it with you.

A skateboard is an extension of the player’s personality. Although it does not define who he is, it depicts a portion of his character. Skateboard logos are used to help the skateboarders personalized their skateboards. It is either pasted or painted on the board. There are a lot of logos to choose from with various themes that will definitely suit someone’s taste.

Since what you put on your board reflects who you are, it is only right that you carefully pick a design. There is no right or wrong logo, but if you’re picking one, you have to consider how you want to be perceived. There are especially designed logos for males, females and even for young children. Logos designed for the younger skateboarders are more vibrant to make it look more inviting.

If you have noticed, some of the top skateboarders have their own custom designed logo. It’s like having their own signature on the board. Although it does not really scream their names, you will know who rides that board once you see the logo on it.

Having your very own logo is cool. You are able to mark your board by putting creative designs that speaks about your individuality. It is always advised to stick to a logo so that when others see it, they’ll easily relate it with you. It is better than having too many skateboard logos. Think about it this way. You have one name so that people can recognize you easily. They don’t give you all the cool names and remember each and every one, right? This is the same with logos. If you want to be remembered, pick a logo that you want to last.

Putting a logo on your skateboard is like owning that skateboard. It’s not only saying that you’re putting a mark on it but you’re letting others know that it’s a part of who you are. And that’s what skateboarding is all about, making it a part of you.

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