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MiniLogo Complete Front

Mini Logo Complete Skateboard Review

MiniLogo Complete Skateboards are high quality decks and parts marked down in price for their lack of graphics. Most skateboards cost the prices they do partly because of the quality of the board, wheels, trucks and hardware, and partly because of which pro’s name and graphics are printed on the board or wheels. MiniLogo complete […]

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How to personalize your skateboard deck

Roby V. Pagong will help you to find the best way to personalize your skateboarding deck. Add something personal to be always unique.   Due to the growing popularity of skateboarding, more and more ideas are generated to make the sport more exciting and fitting for everyone. Majority of the skateboarders are males and are […]

all you need is skateboard

What you need for skateboarding

Skateboarding Apparels And Gear Are Required While Skateboarding If you’re serious about having good, safe fun skateboarding, then you need to buy the best skateboard that you can afford. Best skateboards reviews site will help you to find what you need. However, you can skimp a bit on what you want to wear while riding […]

andrew reynolds

The world famous skater Andrew Reynolds

Do you know Andrew Reynolds? If you know Tony Hawk video games, you should know that Andrew Reynolds is the most famous professional skateboarders in the world today. He had achieved so much in the duration of 20 years.   After 20 years of achievements in the field of skateboarding, Andrew Reynolds is now a […]

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